how we can prevent browsers from killing your RAM 🛑

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Hello all hope you're doing well in this quarantine period in this article I am going to tell you how we can avoid browser from killing your RAM.
One day I wake up from sleep and I opened my browser then I saw I have 49 tabs open then browser gave me one alert You having 49tabs opened that can make your browser and system slow close some if you can then I discovered following trick that is going to help you all🔽.

Begin Here😊
After a little bit thinking, I tried one thing I open google docs and created a number list and then pasted all links by numbers-wise, and then I pinned that tab to my browser, and then it is good we are sorted now Done thank you .

When you have multiple tabs open in your browser after shutdown .you again open that browser with a pack of pin tabs that is going to take more network also and RAM for loading UI things like Google fonts and images but in case of google docs your just storing links and just paper document pin in your browser that is not going to take more ram and network .



One tab addons that will help you
chrome one tab addon👉OneTabAddon for chrome
firefox one tab addon👉OneTabAddon for firefox

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Just download more RAM!


epic 🤣🤣 I think you used this downloadmoreram.com/


Try OneTab extension.
Been using it for more than a year now...it solves the same problem but in a much elegant way.
Cheers !


thanks cool btw I am a fan of firefox


I also use firefox, it is more developer friendly IMO.
BTW, onetab exists for firefox as well, give it a shot u will not regret ;)

thanks buddy i am going to add this in article


Step 1. Get Firefox
Step 2. Get more ram if step 1 is not enough
Step 3. Just close those tabs, you dont need 100 of them. Use bookmarks, pocket, notion, notes - anything that works


cool that is going help everyone .thanks


Haha, this better be a joke. There are a thousand apps on most browsers that can do this. The great suspender will work. If you are really worried about RAM usage, then I am sure you could do the same thing using wordpad or notepad.


yes i can thank you for the feedback


Hmmmmm. Bookmarks, maybe?