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Feature should have 🤔

krishna kakade
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Hello there 😊
Today i am going talk about one feature also known as AKA Forem should have
We all know is one of the most liked platform by developers community and also having more than half million users i think should one feature Introducing
So that now question arises how it is going to work now we know most of the times we don't have partners for the hackathons personal projects and even though for the startup or business ideas we can create thing like fellow developers who is going to click on Meet tab then we can get from the user dev account and then we can get details why you want to use DevMeet and then there should be filters like in which category you want to chat with developers with audio/video and also screen-sharing option and if i click on for hackathons/devfriends we can get connected to the person according to there interest and also for filtering we can show limited filters in (i) section btw if i had a ipad i can draw this things quickly how this can work and where to put or not and more UI thing so like this we can implement this feature.
and also with this feature the engagement of the users will also increase on devto and also in DevMeet we can show ads if dev wants generate revenue from the DevMeet

if anyone is having other ideas you can discuss in the comment section welcome have a great week ahead :)
bye if your doing good then this gify is for you

It is opensource but still some rights are reserved :)

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I would say an integration with meetup or a similar existing platform would be better than dev trying to roll there own.

This could be done with the liquid tags to point to an existing meetup event. (Could be a fun project If you fancy having a go at building a liquid tag for the community!)

P.s. @ mentioning someone in an article doesn’t send a notification, you have to do it in a comment (I believe)

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There is a form of basic chat already in, I've used it once or twice ... but, yes, it's very basic, just 1:1 chat, only text, no video or audio ... I can see the pros and cons of adding something like this to

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krishna kakade Author

yes i also used that chat 4/5 times definitely there will pros and cons but this will be good change i think .i appreciate your feedback leob

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That's literally a "dating app" for devs!
It doesn't have to be tied to the Forem platform tho...

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krishna kakade Author

appreciate the feedback but you can see world or anything in different perspectives :)

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krishna kakade Author

What do you think @ben / @jess / @peter