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Robotics Influence In Health-Care🧬

Animated robot and medicine box


Food delivery to Advanced Surgeries, robotics are used everywhere. It is so common in everyday life, that it is very intuitive to notice them. They are the frontiers in reducing the work on humans and making us productive.

Health Care🏥

Doctors rely a lot on robotics from uploading the prescription to performing complex spinal cord surgery.
It has vastly decreased human error in health care industries. Robotics has become so important in health care that people say they can completely replace physicians, but that may be highly unlikely. Now let's talk in specific about the different healthcare robots.

Animated Surgical Robot

Surgical Robots

Currently, robots only perform minor surgeries like "Minimally invasive procedures" and "surgical procedures" but the cap for its total potential is not completely opened, full surgery robots are still in the experimentation stage. They are yet to be field-tested. Common examples where we use these are for Heart Stent, Mitral valve repair, Coronary artery bypass yeah yeah I know fancy names.

Exoskeleton picture

Exoskeleton drawing


Oh wow, this is an interesting topic, They are support structures for our body. In healthcare, they are used when the motor ability of human body is affected.
For suppose when someone gets their hand fractured or loses their control over their body, sensors can be placed to get their neural input from the brain and control an assistive limb.
They are recently being used in the military to increase the efficiency of a soldier in the field.


The applications of robotics are a lot in health care they can be used to deliver medicines, monitor patients, handle sensitive materials, and many more.

Story TimeğŸŽ¶

It's an experience that I had in my family, My sister who is in her 20s drove into a pothole which led to the breakage of her collar bone🦴. We had a hard time finding the right procedure to get her bone back to normal, After many scans and inspections we had to make her go through a surgery, We thought the surgery would leave a mark on her shoulder but thanks to the advancement in healthcare with robotics all the procedures and the surgery went well, she recovered shortly.
Now let us think, what are the different places, robotics are involved, oh boy oh boy I was surprised to see almost all the parts from scanning to the surgery depend on them some or the other way.

Using robot to disinfect

Using UV robot to clean rooms

During covid it is the first priority to disinfect hospitals, so robots are attached with UV light to handle it in disinfecting rooms as UV light is harmful to humans. (Quick point: Robotics can be used at placed humans can't)


Now with all the progress that is being made in robotics, It is mearly easy for all kinds of people from noobs to domain experts to make use of it 🤖.

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"There are an endless number of things to discover about robotics. A lot it is just too fantastic for people to believe" ~Daniel H.Wilson

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magestick1 • Edited

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