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Krishna Agarwal
Krishna Agarwal

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My GitHub ReadMe

Hello Everyone
I want some suggestions on how to improve my GitHub Profile ReadMe.

Some features of my GitHub ReadMe are:

  • Syncing of Blog Posts
  • Syncing of Twitter posts and replies
  • New Quotes Daily
  • Live Stats

If you want to create a readme like this checkout:

Give me suggestions by creating an issue.

Thanks for Reading till here.

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Kenny Wolf

Hey Krishna,

Just read your GitHub ReadMe. Looks very nice!

Depending on who your target audience is (recruiter, open source projects etc.), you can add to your "languages & tools" section since when you're working with them.

TBH I'm not a big fan of timed experience, because everybody has a different learning speed. But it gives a rough feeling on your skills on them.


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Krishna Agarwal

Thanks for the suggestions.
Basically I am just in High School so I just want to work on Open Source Projects.
I am learning different skills at the moment, but in the future I'll just go with AI/ML.