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Top 4 Astonishing React Native WooCommerce template for 2020

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Are you a developer who wants to create a cross-platform application for WooCommerce store? Or an online seller who wants to launch his application on both iOS and Android?

Don’t worry today we will be discussing best React Native WooCommerce Themes for that will save your 5 to 6 month’s effort and is already tested.

These React Native based themes comes with built-in functionality and will save your time and dollars. Within just a few minutes after downloading these templates you can easily build your own application.

All you have to do is just buy and start setting the store and boom your application is ready!!!

So Why do we use these templates in the first place?

  • Time-Saving.
  • Saves Money.
  • Ready-Made.
  • Easy-to-use

Most important aspect of templates is that they can be reused again and again. If you are developer then these React Native WooCommerce templates will help you a lot.

React Native WooCommerce App

React Native WooCommerce
React native Template

This React Native WooCommerce App comes with a great integration with WooCommerce that automatically connects with your WooCommerce store.

Within just a few minutes you will have your amazing application functional on both android and iOS. It comes with full source code and customer-friendly features that will make it easy to use.

It also comes with full source code in case you are good with React Native you can easily add or remove features you want.

Features like Google Pay and Apple Pay integration makes it more useful and makes a positive impact on business. The developers of this theme also offers lifetime free updates so your business will remain up-to-date.

Here are some mind-blowing features that it offers:

  • Guaranteed 30-seconds check-out time.
  • Comes with Push notification that boosts sales as it notifies customers about new items.
  • Increase your brand authority by having an impact on the Play Store and App Store
  • Customer Friendly Support.
  • Saves your time.

If you want to check out this React Native WooCommerce template or want to buy click here. In case you didn’t like this template they also offer you money-back.

Becrux — React Native Woocommerce Full Mobile

React Native WooCommerce

Becrux is a multi-purpose React Native based WooCommerce template that has functionalities that you can think of! It comes as back-end support for your WooCommerce store and automatically integrates with your WooCommerce store.

It comes with multiple pre-built pages that can handle your website on the go as you want but you can create pages according to your needs. What’s best is that it supports multiple niches.

Having multiple niches support means that it is a good choice for developers and programmers as this theme can be changed with few clicks and a brand new app will be ready in a few minutes.

Here are the following features that it offers:

  • It offers up to 60+ screens.
  • Comes with 50 different components.
  • It supports multiple niches such as Grocery, Fashion, Electronics and Restaurant.
  • Comes with 10+ different home screens.
  • Supports Cross-Platform.
  • It supports countless popular WordPress plugins.
  • Multi-lingual support

If we talk about this theme in further detail. It offers so many features under $30. Which gives you leverage over other people. Click here to read further

React Native template for Woocommerce

React Native WooCommerce theme

Are you in search of a cool futuristic mobile app?

This React Native WooCommerce template is a stylish theme with a blend of sky-blue and white color. The template comes with a great setting that gives your customer a quick insight about your site that what new products have been added.

What features it offers?

  • Multiple Languages support.
  • Unique Design.
  • Multiple credit card support.
  • Automatic WooCommerce integration
  • High performance
  • Quality Code
  • Well maintained documentation
  • 24 hours of technical support
  • Reusable models
  • Multi-payment gateway support

The models that are integrated in this template can be reused somewhere else if you are a developer then you might get a chance to save your time from creating your own models. It also have a custom API integration that will help you a lot in case you want API not the theme

There are so many features in this React Native WooCommerce template that can explored here.

React Native Mobile App for WooCommerce

React <br>
Native WooCommerce

This React Native app can be your best theme because it offers some unique functionalities such as dynamic blocks and design. It has amazing settings and looks. One can easily fall in love with this theme.

With these functionalities integrated the sellers can change product from admin panel without opening any additional links. Users can create banners from admin panel.

The WordPress with WooCommerce becomes excellent and easy to handle by using this template. Whether it is iOS or Android you can handle both by your application which is created by using this template.

Options like push-notifications that comes with this app is also amazing as it keeps the user engaged and notified about the latest updates and arrivals that has been added to the website.

From the developer’s point of view it is a good template that can save one from hours of coding and the source code can be reused.

Here are some features listed below:

  • Support for multiple gateway payment methods.
  • Designs can be updated easily from admin panel.
  • Add categories, banners and product blocks from home admin panel.
  • Create hundreds of custom layouts within a few clicks from admin panel.
  • Dark and light theme functionality

For further information and if are considering buying this template click here.


In this post, we have seen four different modern-day templates that are developed with keeping in mind the business needs.

All these templates that have been listed here are latest and have good customer support.

It totally depends on the nature of the store that what kind of theme it needs. The scope of business also plays an important role

In my personal opinion, for small businesses, it would be better to use Becrux — React Native WooCommerce theme. It offers enough components and screens that will be enough to keep running your store on both platforms.

For large businesses, who are thinking about expanding their business for both android and apple, I would suggest you choose React Native Mobile App for WooCommerece.

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