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5 Cools Flutter Instagram templates 2021

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Instagram is a popular social sharing app as we know it. As of 2020, there are 1 billion monthly active Instagram users. Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012. Since then, it has generated four times more interaction than Facebook itself. Now, you can gauge how popular and extensively used this app is in the present world. Now, using the app is one thing, and building such an app is completely another. Building such a highly powerful social media app with high-end UI and functionalities is not an easy job. It takes years, expert developers, costly resources to build these kinds of social sharing apps. But, the thing that takes a bit of pressure of developing is the availability of app templates.

Just as Instagram has been a top app in recent times, the Flutter app development framework is also growing as one of the leading mobile application development frameworks. Known for providing pixel-perfect UI implementations, Flutter is one of the most used frameworks for developing mobile applications as of 2020. In this article, we are going to combine these two hot topics Flutter and Instagram and talk about Instagram clone templates built using Flutter/Dart coding. This article will introduce you to the five best Flutter Instagram clone app template out there in the market which offers beautiful UI design and features close to that of the original app. The list includes both premium tier and open-source Flutter Instagram clone templates.

Flutter Instagram Clone

If you are looking for a fully functional Instagram clone with state of an art user interface and features resembling the original app then this is it. One of the best Instagram clone app available in the market fully coded in the Flutter ecosystem. Hence, the template can be used to build for both Android and iOS. This template offers 60+ screens that are modern and intuitive in close resemblance to the original app. The highlight feature includes 20+ Instagram filters, Ephemeral stories, post feeds, social features such as likes and comments, social graphs, and a real-time chatting interface with photo and video messages.

Not to mention, all the basic features of the original Instagram app are also available. Of course, the app is integrated with innate features such as push notifications, dark mode theme, and localizations. The performance improvement by Image caching, Smooth loading states, Animations, Empty states, Video compression, and Image optimizations. The backend technology involves Firebase features and services. Most importantly, there is support for life-long updates as well. Hence, this Flutter Instagram Clone is a full package that offers everything there is to for your next Instagram clone app. The template is offered by one of the leading portals when it comes to state-of-the-art mobile app templates.

Snapta instagram clone app

Snapta is another Instagram app built using Flutter and dart with Firebase backend services. The template is available in the Codecanyon marketplace. The app offers a similar UI experience and features compared to the original app. All the basic features such as Post Feeds, Filter effects, Push Notification, Real-time chat, Profile interface are available in this app. This app can be considered as a light-weight alternative to the original Instagram app. The social activity features such as like and comments are available. Users can have real-time conversations and upload images with different filters and camera options to edit the images. However, some of the heavy-weight features such as stories, video stories, etc are not built-in. Hence, this app can be a low-cost and lightweight alternative to the original app as well as other Flutter Instagram clone app. You can create a basic Instagram like app using this template as well as take it as inspiration in the field of Flutter application development.

PicShare — Instagram like self-hosted social media application

Another Instagram-like social media app that has a high resemblance to the original app. The key technology used to build this template is Flutter/Dart, PHP/Laravel, and PostgreSQL. The template offers an easy image upload feature that can support the image carousel up to 16 images. The application consists of 20 screens and 30+ API endpoints. All the basic features such as follow, likes, comments, share, comment history, post history, timeline, search, activity, profile activity, and user management are included in this package. The integration of S3 compatible file storage, self-hosted CDN, built on popular app development, and backend frameworks makes this app template a high-end product. It also offers coding documentation. The push notification is integrated with help of Firebase push notifications. The UI designs look modern and intuitive; similar to that of the original app. Just like the previous one the heavy-weight feature of adding multi-optional stories is missing in this template as well. Overall, a great template to start developing your next Instagram like the app.


The lightweight implementation of an Instagram-like app that offers a fully-functional app with great UI build coded entirely using Flutter/Dart. The backend integration includes Firebase services with Firestore. The template is open-source and available freely on GitHub. Fluttergram offers a basic Home Screen feed just like in the original Instagram app with exception of the stories feature. Users can like and comment on the post. The camera feature has a minimal option with no filters. You can just upload the image, keep the status, and share it as a post. The profile screen UI with its settings option has a similar UI to the original app. There is no integration of video upload or posting in this template.

The overall app is built using the popular Flutter packages available in the market. If not the best template to build your next Instagram clone like the app, it can be the source of inspiration for the Flutter developers. We can learn a lot from the Flutter UI build, coding structure, and plugins used in implementing this template. This can a great way to start off your next flutter project if you are looking for building an Instagram social platform.

Instagram Clone built using Flutter and Firebase

Social Share is another open-source Instagram-like app template built entirely on Flutter/Dart ecosystem. The features offered are minimal compared to other premium app templates but it definitely packs a punch when it comes to UI and some backend Firebase services integration. The UI and features it has in the offer are pretty basic. The Google sign-in is integrated for user authentication and login and Firebase and Firestore for CRUD functionality. The basic features such as follow, likes, comments, search users, image posting are integrated. One major feature is the image compression while uploading which improves the performance check of the app. The template is under development as well as more features are to be added in the near future. The important thing is that the template is open-source and free to download and use. It is a great resource for the new Flutter developers. This template can inspire and provide vital information on building social apps in the Flutter ecosystem.


Well, among the five best Flutter Instagram clone templates in the list above, some have high-end heavyweight features, and some house only the basic features. Some are premium templates and some are open-source. But things in common between them is they are all built entirely using the Flutter framework. They can all be developed into the next social sharing app like a flutter and can be also taken as a source of inspiration. Among the five, the one provided by packs the most powerful and complex features. The template provided by it can be developed in the actual full-fledged app. However, other templates will need a bit of work before dedicating themselves as the complete app.

I hope, this article helps you choose the best Flutter Instagram clone app template available in the market. Nonetheless, there is plenty of inspiration for Flutter developers inside these clone app templates.

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