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Scrimba JavaScript course

So I completed this free JavaScript course by Per Harald Borgen from Scrimba to brush up my JavaScript knowledge before I start with React (from Scrimba again 😌)

This course was a breath of fresh air as I was drowning in tutorial hell, unable to gain practical knowledge and confidence, which the interactive 'scrims' provide; it's genuinely an awesome feature, keeps me attentive and interested.

Per was very encouraging and explained everything very well, all the mini tasks were perfectly challenging and full of learning. I think this is the first ever course on the internet that I have completed 🤣, and I think we all can relate with this.

Here's the link of the course:

Along the course, we developed 3 simple apps:

  1. Subway Passenger Counter
  2. Blackjack Casino Game
  3. Chrome Extension (to save leads/tab URL)

And covered the following concepts:

  1. const & let
  2. strings
  3. numbers
  4. booleans
  5. objects
  6. arrays
  7. functions
  8. methods
  9. for loops
  10. logical operators
  11. mathematical operators
  12. JSON
  13. Math object
  14. DOM manpulation
  15. getElementById()
  16. querySelector()
  17. addEventListener()
  18. innerText
  19. textContent
  20. innerHTML
  21. conditional statements
  22. truthy vs falsy values
  23. template strings
  24. localStorage
  25. debugging with Google

PS: Finally wrote my first ever blog, because Per told me to do so at the end of this course 😎

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vendkura profile image

I was searching for an inspiration to begin a Js course. Thanks to you I think that I found my inspiration.
It is so exciting :).