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Stacks Resources

Hey there Stacks devs!

In my journey as Dev Advocate for the Stacks Foundation, I constantly come across various resources for learning the basics and intricacies of Stacks.

Stacks is relatively new and can be confusing and contentious for people new to the space. This page is designed to be an ever-growing list of resources both for learning about Stacks itself and for building on it.

Eventually, once a single static blog post becomes infeasible to host all the resources on, I will convert this into a more user-friendly format, but this works for now.

If you come across anything you think should be added to this list, please reach out to me on Twitter!

Stacks Fundamentals

Stacks Website
How Stacks Works

Proof of Transfer

WTF is Proof of Transfer
Understanding Proof of Transfer
What Kind of Blockchain is Stacks?

Security and Connection to Bitcoin

Muneeb Ali Twitter Space

Developing on Stacks

Introduction to Full-Stack Web3 Development with Stacks
Clarity Universe
Clarity Book in-progress

Smart Contract Examples

Catamaran Swaps - Utilizing Bitcoin state in Clarity smart contracts


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