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Make your Angular application accessible for everybody

How to setup automated accessibility tests for your Angular application

Accessibility is an essential topic for every modern web application.

Accessibility means that everyone can use your web application. As devs, it’s easy to assume that all users can see or interact with a page as we do. But there is a range of people that do not belong to the “typical” user. People may have visual, physical, auditory, or cognitive problems.

Accessibility is not about including groups, it’s about not excluding groups.

Even though accessibility is crucial, it’s often overlooked. I was once in a project where we built a vast webshop and completely forgot about accessibility. With that, we excluded a range of persons from our business. Also, our shop was nominated for an award which we didn’t get because our shop wasn’t accessible at all. 😔

You can imagine what happened after that. Taskforce! Trust me, adding aria attributes and listen to JAWS screenreader for days is not fun!

Find out how to prevent such situations with automated accessibility tests

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