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Abhijit Hota
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Can open-source documentations be monetized?

I came across an Android app called Node.js Docs by an organisation named Here is the app in Google Play store.

And to my surprise, they have monetized the contents!


  • There are banner ads in the app.
  • To access the documentation of each version for one day, you need to watch a 15 second video.
  • You can buy the whole app for a very little amount but it's monetization nonetheless.

I don't know much about open-source licenses and monetization so I wanted to ask it here.

Is this legal?

I'd like to know more about licenses and how all these work.

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manish srivastava

There are different types of licences. The best place to know about a license is GitHub. Try to select one in empty repo.

A Software is open source when 'source' is open. If you can build another app by use of source code.

Then there is another thing FOSS: it's free open source software. The word free has lots of meaning here.

What they are doing they are providing documents of open source project: nodejs but the app itself is not. They are just showing ads... Wherever possible

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To my understanding NodeJS is open-source, and these people profit on the docs and not the actual project, so from what I see here this is absolutely legal. You can profit on an open-source project, even if you don't make it, as long as:
A: You follow the license
B: You follow trademark and copyright law

This case seems like both are true.

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Abhijit Hota

I see. Thanks for the answer!