CovidReportMZ - Get realiable info about Covid-19 on Mozambique the easy way!!!

kradnoel profile image Djamal dos Santos ・1 min read

What I built

A Covid-19 Aware WebApp. Basically, the user subscribe on the website with phone number and they receive Covid-19 daily stats. This Webapp helps user to be aware of total cases in Mozambique.
I've build an API that use data extracted from the Mozambique Health Institute website (https://covid19.ins.gov.mz) using web scraping technique.
Using Twilio Programmable SMS API, it sends the daily updates to the users via SMS (Mozambique Only) and using Twilio API for WhatsApp + Twilio Autopilot API it send statistics and FAQ's via WhatsApp (Worldwide)

Category Submission: Interesting Integrations

Demo Link


Link to Code

Here is a github repo of the project.

How I built it


The project is not complete yet but you can check it out. It's been a great experience participating in this hackathon and building a project from an idea to the application. Hope you like it.


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