Discussion on: 7 fucking rules for developers to get shit done

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Kristian R.

Apart from your fucking pointless swearing: There are some things in your article I agree with more and some I do not really agree with at all. Personally, however, I think (7) is most important: Pause. Step back. Think. Reflect. Try to figure out how things work(ed) out for you in the past, try to see where you do better and where you do not so good. And try to improve in small steps. Trying to quickly change "difficult" behaviour in one big step is almost always doomed to fail. ;)

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Pradeep Sharma Author

Hi Kristian,
Author here. Thanks for the feedback.
There is almost nothing new in this article, that anyone wouldn't know about. It's just that either people will make it complex and won't have fucking discipline to follow it. I dare everyone to have these rules in front of their eyes during work-time and do their best to follow them for 3-6 months and come back again and tell me if you haven't doubled your productivity. It's easy, it's simple.

About "big change", I think when it comes to "eliminating distraction", you have to take a big step, that worked very well for me. I gave up my smartphone, blocked facebook. I did not feel that focused and relaxed ever before and I'm still alive without the smartphone/fb ;)

Can you please let me know what points you do not agree with? I'd be happy to discuss that.