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Discussion on: SNS vs SQS? AWS Messaging Services - Know the difference

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I got the new subscription confirmed
(was missing the full URL (the /email/sns part):


and I now have logging enabled per your instructions...

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KP • Edited on


Another update: I found documentation pointing me to cloudwatch, so I see where the logs will flow into.

This is what I did next:
From: To:
PASS: Complaint email notification received (at )

This is what the cloudwatch logs show:

    "notification": {
        "messageMD5Sum": "8f10e089c532ef6f078e9860cd028d24",
        "messageId": "70c867fc-4d68-5dc4-adae-31cabe42a76f",
        "topicArn": "arn:aws:sns:us-west-2:753513409872:KeenBrain_Amazon_SNS_for_SES_Emails_Topic",
        "timestamp": "2019-11-02 02:58:50.382"
    "delivery": {
        "deliveryId": "88181b7b-6a95-5980-8fa6-4d4d990f3bab",
        "destination": "",
        "providerResponse": "Internal Server Error",
        "dwellTimeMs": 112754,
        "attempts": 3,
        "statusCode": 500
    "status": "FAILURE"

Does this mean there's some kind of internal server error in my application?
This is weird because I'm using an out-of-the-box package:

which supposedly is working for other people.

As you can see, is a POST endpoint. Any idea how I can debug further?

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 Author

You are right on both.

SNS was sending the logs to CloudWatch and you found them.

The error being reported is from your Laravel app. So it's not SNS or SES and it's not ngrok.
It's your Laravel application.

I rarely use Laravel buts its very similar to Ruby on Rails.
You could be getting an error for multiple reasons in your application:

  • Expects authentication for an endpoint
  • Routes are incorrectly set
  • The error is occurring within your controller action due to misconfiguration

The problem doesn't appear to be with mail-tracker. I think the bounced email is working, an SNS notification is being triggered, but when SNS delivers the response to your endpoint its fails there.

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KP • Edited on


Thank you for the response....getting closer, thanks to you.

So, it's an issue with the application / package combination. Are you able to access (you should see "Email Sent" and (you should see an error like "The GET method is not supported for this route. Supported methods: POST.")

The Laravel application is simply using the mail-tracker package (I've followed all the install and config instructions in the readme to a tee. I'm not saying that you should read that (you've been a great help)...but couldn't it potentially be a problem with the package itself? The SNS notification receipt /endpoint (which the package is responsible for and provides) is what is erroring out at

By the way, I get the same error in cloudwatch logs if I send email to :

However, I get no email receipts to my sending email, even though I have SES email forwarding enabled:
Is this something you've seen? I only seem to be getting emails of complaints, but not of successful deliveries or bounces.