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Platform For Online Concerts

kovidr profile image Kovid Rathee ・1 min read

Amidst the current Covid-19 crisis, the world is suffering from all kinds of problems, but the one I wanted to ask pertains to independent musicians, especially classical musicians, who don't have any gigs now because everything is shut down. Is there a good platform which can provide these arists a great way to share their music with their audience?

Livestreams on Facebook, Instagram don't really work because of bad quality and bad monetization options. YouTube does have a subscription option which could work but it doesn't really make sense just for concerts. How about a per gig kind of deal where people could listen to their favorite artists perform by paying.

Stuff like Patreon, Ko-fi and YouTube's SuperChat etc. definitely helps but I'm thinking more about a dedicated platform for niche audiences - which some of these classical arts could also survive. On Facebook, Instagram etc., there's just too much noise. You can't play a Mozart concert on MTV for the same reason.

Suggestions/ideas are welcome! Stay safe!

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