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Discussion on: Can you suggest me Free productivity tools?

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Kovid Rathee

I have been experimenting with many productivity tools for many years now. Some of them have worked great for me. There was a time when I was into To Doist. I have always used Evernote to take notes from my phone. But these are apps from the previous generation. If you have a Mac, I would recommend the following

  1. Day One for Journaling (writing blog posts/drafts/chronicling).
  2. Noted (for taking meeting notes, it has an audio recording feature). Great UX!
  3. MindNode for brainstorming ideas and representing them on a graph. Another competitor is Plectica, which is a browser-based tool.
  4. for bookmarking is really great.
  5. Notion - I'm relatively new to this but like it very much.

There are several great apps out there but I think it comes down to what is right for you. I don't think there's one clear winner of all.

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Tharun Shiv Author

Amazing answer! Thanks a lot for writing this valuable answer. I see many of them mention Notion. Will check it out first. Thanks 🙂

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