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How to save blogs and articles effectively

Help me out!!!

How are you guys saving the blogs and articles that you want to read later?

And how effectively going back to read it afterward?

Thanks :)

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Talha Mansoor

If the article is on, then I use Reading List feature. For all other sites, I use Pocket to save articles for later.

To archive articles for future references, I use Evernote with its browser addon. Although, Polar Bookshelf is much better for archiving articles, adding notes to them and highlighting passages. But I already have tons of items saved in Evernote, so I am stuck with it.

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Koushik KM Author • Edited

Thanks for replying :)

I used notes until now. But I missed a lot of articles. I think I will be moving to pocket as they send the articles in the mail as a reminder.

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Adrian Matei • Edited

I bookmark it on and check Read later flag - see my post How I manage my dev bookmarks to save time and nerves

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Koushik KM Author

Wow, you are awesome. Thank you so much :)