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Best tech movies that every programmer must watch

Every programmer would love to see their profession from the perspective of movies. We all know Hollywood is well known for showcasing programming and Artificial Intelligence in the right ways. So, without any further ado, here are the 10 best movies that every programmer must watch.


The movie is released in 1982. It is a science fiction action-adventure film. The direction was by Steven Lisberger from a story by Lisberger and starred by Jeff Bridges as a computer programmer. The Movie shows how Jeff Bridges get sucked in the computer world and tries to escape from there by interacting with the computer world. At last, he manages to get skipped from this computer world and return to the normal world by applying his knowledge. This turns out to be the best movie to watch for the programmers as it teaches us to apply our tech knowledge in different situations.

2. Hackers

The movie is released in 1995. It is directed by Iain Softley and stars Jonny Lee Miller. This movie was released when the usage of the internet was not famous. The movie shows how few high school student uses their tech knowledge for corporate extortion. The movie got mixed reviews from critics but it was a masterpiece for programmers and security enthusiasts.

3. The Pirates of Silicon Valley

The Pirates of Silicon Valley was released in 1999. This movie tells the story of how Apple and Microsoft became so successful. It tells how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates came up with the idea of creating a personal computer that could be used by everyone. The movie shows the ideology and methodology both of them used to develop their top line of computers. The movie is highly recommended for techies.

The Movie begins with IBM in the early 1980s. At that time the IBM was unbeatable in the field of computing. And at that time the Steve Jobs set up their own company named “Apple” and started making computers in the garage. Ultimately the movie shows the ideology and methodology both of them used for making the line of the computer and now they are one of the top software companies in the world.

4. The Imitation Game

The movie came out in 2014 and it shows the invention of the world’s very the first computer by Alan Turing and his team. It shows how at the end of the movie Alan and his team were able to come up with a way to decode the German Enigma Code. This movie can be very inspirational for the programmers.

5. The Social Network

This movie is based on a true story about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. The movie is all about the growth of Facebook and the challenges Zuckerberg had to face. The programmers will surely love this movie as it shows the achievements of a dedicated programmer.

6. The Internship

This is a movie about two adults Billy and Nick who lose their jobs and then apply for Google’s competitive internship program. They both get chosen to join the internship program at Google headquarters in Mountain View California. Here, they have to compete with a young group of people, who are tech geniuses. This would be a great movie for those who think they are too old to learn the tech stuff.

7. Antitrust

It was released in 2001. It is a techno-thriller film. The direction is by Peter Howitt. If you want to know about the software world's dirty side, then this movie is best recommended. The film frame the ideal programmers working in a corporation company providing a significant salary and informal working environment. A young talented programmer gets the organisation's job but later finds out that something is wrong there. The programmer then uses his tech skills and find out the issue. This movie is an all-time favourite for programmers as it shows the best way of applying your tech knowledge.

8. Jobs

This is the biopic of the legend in the world of computers, Steve Jobs. Indeed a very inspirational movie. This movie not only shows the technical skills Jobs but also his vision of changing the world.

9. Ex Machina

The Movie was released in 2014. It is a science fiction psychological thriller film. The direction was by Alex Garland. The movie shows a lot of applications of technology like artificial intelligence on mankind to have a better life. The story reloves around the programmer who is invited by his CEO to an intelligent humanoid robot. It shows the struggle of the programmers in the software world and the harmful effects on society if this technology is not used properly.

10. Her

This is a movie about a man named “Theodore” who is going to get separated from his wife and is very lonely. He purchases an operating system with AI that is designed to adapt and evolve like a human being. This would be an amazing movie for programmers who have an interest in Artificial Intelligence and its future.

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