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What profession would you change to?

kotzendekrabbe profile image Feli (she/her) ・1 min read

It's one of those days...

My motivation is low and I'm thinking of changing my profession. I tent to make that joke: "this internet thingy will not succeed and than I'll become a carpenter".

But realistically I would become a Technical Recruting Consultant. The reason is simple. I gained a lot of knowledge in that area. Also I believe I can do something good with it. Fighting for diversity & inclusion. Instead of being a rolemodel. Advise companies on: how best to hire a hetrogenic mass of developers. And ensure that more equal opportunities are being created.

Do you know those days? What profession would you change to and why?

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Amelia Vieira Rosado

Do you know those days?

I experience those days very often tbh.

What profession would you change to and why?

I have no idea, frankly said. I think I'd either do something with data (data science or data engineering) or quit tech altogether. I've always convinced myself that there is NOTHING else I can do other than tech, that I'm not cut for anything else. That thought is at least 6 years old now. Might be time to stop listening to my past self and challenge that thought.

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Owlcowl (he/him)

I think I'd move completely away from the computer. Doing / creating something with my hands; carpenter does not sound too bad or a metal worker.
That said I'd guess once I've done that I'd start programming as a hobby because it still fascinates me. Developing software is always the best logic puzzle for me.

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Matt Ellen

I started programming as a kid, so I never felt a pull in any other direction. Whenever I think about giving up my job, I just think about doing my own programming thing.

If I try really hard and imagine a universe where I didn't pick up the Amstrad CPC BASIC programming book, I think maybe I'd be an actor. I always enjoyed being on stage when I was younger. These days the idea scares me!

If it happened today that I couldn't be a professional programmer anymore, I think I'd like to learn how to teach programming. Or if I couldn't come within 20 metres of a compiler then maybe I'd try writing fiction, since I do that as a hobby anyway. Or maybe I'd be inspired to try to retrain into a different career altogether, like car mechanic or something useful like that.

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