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Feli (she/her)
Feli (she/her)

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It's fine - you are not stupid!

Soziale Distance Day 6 + WFH (work from home) Day 5

Since last week Friday I'm working from home and being on soziale distance. I heard from people who say it's the rise of the introverts, I'm talking to people who are really not doing good with the situation and I also know people who are something in-between.

We are humans, we are different and it's good that we are different!

The first few work from home days I was super productive. I even worked more hours than normal. I did a lot of documentation, wrote a Slack Communication Etiquette for the company I'm working for (@s2engineers) and came up with new ideas.

It's fine

Yesterday in the afternoon I was fighting hard against procrastination. Today I'm super unproductive. My concentration is just miserable. And guess what? IT'S FINE.

At the moment I need to read a lot about LiveShare from VS Code and to understand how it's working and which connection it's using, to check if we as a company are allowed to use it.
A.n.d - I - j.u.s.t - d.o.n.'t - g.e.t - i.t.

My first reaction was, "oh dammit Feli, common - you really could do better".
... 😑
... 🧐
... πŸ˜•

But then I asked myself, what would I say to someone else who is in this situation? "IT'S FINE! you are not stupid, you are not too slow, but you are too hard to yourself. Give yourself time. Most of us now need time to get use to the situation."

Why I'm sharing this?

Because I want people who fighting the same problems to know:
Y.o.u - a.r.e - n.o.t - a.l.o.n.e.
Because I want you to not be too hard with your self. Just because you don't understand something or take longer to complete a task/ to fix a bug/ to set up a project doesn't mean you're stupid!

In doubt, always ask yourself: what would you recommend to someone else?

This situation is new for all of us, nobody of us has experience with an epidemic.

- WeAreInThisTogether -

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