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What makes a company culture great?

kossnocorp profile image Sasha Koss ・1 min read

Corporate culture plays a huge role in the success of businesses. No matter how cool is the product or how challenging is the problems, if the working environment is toxic, the employees will find another job. Business might try using financial motivation, but it's not a secret that is the worst kind of motivation for creative professions. The only way to attract and keep the top talent is providing a working environment that allows realizing themselves maintaining life-work balance.

But what's that means? I've decided to find the answer to this question, so I've built Cultural Fit. It's a collaborative list of corporate culture traits that people love or disapprove.

I invite DEV community to help me find the answer: please vote for your favorite traits and downvote the ones you don't approve. Add missing traits and share your opinion here, in the post, or on the site:

I've build this project for Product Hunt Makers Festival 2018. This is universal Preact app. It's build using TypeScript on top of Firebase (Firestore, Firebase Hosting, Firebase Functions).

Any kind of feedback is welcome!



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