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What React RxJS libs do You Use?

kosich profile image Kostia Palchyk Updated on ・1 min read

I'm currently using redux-observable for effects. It fits nice into whole redux flow (the question is if I need Redux itself, but that's a separate matter)

Sometimes I use RxJS directly in an effect hook (surely, with teardown!), but there are RxJS hook libraries for that, e.g.: re-rxjs/react-rxjs, crimx/observable-hooks and LeetCode-OpenSource/rxjs-hooks (they have thousands of weekly downloads! Alas, I haven't tried them well yet)

And I made a tiny React + RxJS package to display Observable content:

import React from 'react';
import { $ } from 'react-rxjs-elements';

function App(){
  return <div>
    <$>{ timer(0, 1000) } sec</$>
npm i react-rxjs-elements

P.S. I also created an ⚠️ experimental JSX + RxJS framework — it's cute, check it out!

And what RxJS + React addons do you use?
How do you like them? Share an example!
Do you think we even need RxJS in React?

I'm listening

Share your thoughts!

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Some honorable mentions:

<Stream source={source$}>
  {values => <div>{values.message}</div>}

  • refract

Handle your component effects and side-effects in a clear and declarative fashion by using asynchronous data streams (reactive programming).


Cool "implement it from scratch" tutorial on using React with RxJS