Discussion on: RegExp syntax for Observables: Never Been Easier!

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Kostia Palchyk Author

Hey, Brad!

Almost a year after I think I heard you 🙂
I've created an operator-based API!

// > Mouse DnD

// get dom element to drag
const item = document.getElementById('item');

// capture mouse down, up and move
const D = fromEvent(item, 'mousedown');
const M = fromEvent(document, 'mousemove');
const U = fromEvent(document, 'mouseup');

// listen to a query (_DM*_U)* & log it
  some(mute(D), some(M), mute(U))
  .subscribe(({ x, y }) => console.log(x,y));

Check it out: github.com/erql

What do you think?