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What to Do When Motivation is High


Hello! In previous article, I wrote about strategies for times when motivation drops. This time, let's explore the flip side—what to do and what to be mindful of when motivation is high.

While it's crucial to maximize the energy that comes with heightened motivation, there are also key considerations to keep in mind.

Let's delve into both aspects.

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Avoiding Overcommitment

I apologize for beginning with an explanation that might somewhat diminish your newfound motivation!

When you're feeling motivated, it's common to want to tackle a bunch of tasks at once. The idea of getting more done than usual can be exciting, and sometimes, you can actually boost your productivity.

However, it's crucial to recognize that motivation doesn't stay at a perpetual high. What you can accomplish today may not be as feasible tomorrow. Overcommitting can lead to burnout, or you might find yourself attempting the same level of commitment the next day, only to face setbacks and potential feelings of failure. When motivation is high, it's the perfect time to assess your workload and set goals within a manageable scope, avoiding excessive commitments.

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Tip: Avoiding Excessive Pressure

When you're super motivated, it's easy to feel like you need to do everything perfectly. But even if things don't go as planned, it's crucial to stay flexible and positive.

Especially during good times, it's crucial to plan with flexibility, allowing room for unforeseen circumstances.

Maintaining Balance

When motivation is soaring, it's easy to get deeply engrossed in one thing, sometimes neglecting other crucial aspects of life. For me, focusing intensely on a task during a bout of high motivation has its perks, like efficiently handling challenging assignments in a short span. However, it's essential not to let this immersion throw off the overall balance.

When you're super motivated, it's natural to dive headfirst into one thing, maybe overlooking other important parts of life. Personally, when I'm really pumped up, going all-in on a task helps me tackle tough stuff quickly. But it's crucial not to let this focus mess with the overall balance.

Balancing work, family, downtime, personal time, and health is important. Taking regular breaks helps keep that motivation keeps long.

Continuous Refreshment and Relaxation

To sustain high motivation, taking regular breaks for relaxation is crucial. Apart from immersing yourself in work or projects, make sure to set aside time for hobbies and moments of relaxation.

In a previous article, I discussed creating 'days or moments of inactivity' and 'various methods to take a break for a change of mood' when motivation is low. Although this article focuses on times when motivation is high, these methods should be equally beneficial.

Feel free to refer to both articles for a well-rounded approach to managing motivation.

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I wrote this article with the idea that being mindful, especially when things are going well, is crucial.

I hope this article proves helpful to you all.

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

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