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The Journey to 1000 Followers : Lessons Learned and Future Directions


Recently, I reached 1000 followers on! First and foremost, I would like to deeply thank everyone who regularly reads my articles.
In this article, I will write about why I started blogging, what I have learned, and the future direction of my blog.

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Why I Started Blogging

I am currently a college student who studies web development. I began writing blogs in early spring of 2023 as a way to output my daily learnings. For my own growth, I committed to posting weekly articles on about web development, life hacks, and personal development. This weekly posting schedule has become a self-imposed duty, and I have maintained it for about a year now.

Additionally, I am originally from Japan but have been living in Canada since 2022. Writing the blog articles also serves as a way to improve my English proficiency.

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What I Learned Through Blog Writing

The Importance of Consistency

Even if the articles are short or the content is simple, regularly updating a blog requires a great deal of effort.

I managed to write one article every week for a year. Being able to maintain this consistent effort over a long period is a source of great pride for me. Through this experience, I learned the importance of persistence in everything I do.

Deepening Understanding Through Output

The insights and learnings obtained in daily life are quickly forgotten unless they are consciously retained.

Over the past year, I have selected particularly memorable events and insights to record in this blog, organizing them to ensure they resonate more deeply within me. This process has helped anchor important learnings and insights deep within my heart.

Contributing to Others

Even articles written to deepen my own understanding can be useful to others when I share the process of learning.

While my main motivation for writing the blog is personal growth, knowing that it also helps others brings me great joy.

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Future Direction of the Blog

I am currently job hunting and my life is quite unstable, which makes blogging a challenge. If I secure a job, it might become easier to find time...

However, I hope to continue writing at a pace of one post per week for the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, I want to continue enhancing the quality of my blog articles as much as possible. I will keep enriching my knowledge so that I can create content that my readers enjoy reading.

Once again, I deeply thank everyone who regularly reads my articles. Have a great day :)

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