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Starting Right: How Morning Preparation Enhances Daily Productivity (Bite-size Article)


The Japanese proverb "一日の計は朝にあり" translates to "The whole day's planning should be done in the morning," and can also be expressed as "Well begun is half done." Related to this proverb, I personally feel that preparing thoroughly before tackling daily tasks and work leads to fewer troubles, more efficiency, and better outcomes compared to proceeding without a plan.

In this article, I will specifically introduce my evening and morning routines that help achieve an efficient day.

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Evening Routine

To start the morning right, it's important to begin preparing the night before. Below is the routine I follow every evening:

Writing a daily report:

I record everything that happened during the day and any thoughts that come to mind in a daily report on Notion. These notes are reviewed once a week (usually on weekends) and can be searched and revisited anytime on Notion. Some of the recorded content may later be turned into tasks, while some may remain just as notes. As I've mentioned in previous article, having thoughts linger in your mind can be distracting and subconsciously burdensome. Writing them down allows you to forget them, and this process is necessary for that purpose.

Deciding on the next day’s tasks:

As previously introduced, I draft a list of tasks for the following day using Logseq (personally I like to use this as TODO list).

By diligently preparing the night before, you can ensure a smooth start to your activities the next morning.

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Morning Routine

Next, I'll summarize the routine I perform upon waking up in the morning:

Reviewing the previous day's activity log:

I check yesterday’s activity records using app. In my case, I use TaskChute (though you could use another tool if preferred) and briefly review the previous day's daily list. If there are any insights or feedback related to the work, I take notes as needed (these notes might also be transferred to the daily report in the evening).

Reconfirming today’s tasks and preparing mentally:

I review today’s daily list and confirm the day’s goals, schedule, and specific actions. I list the priorities and clarify what should be focused on.

Tip: Optional morning routines

After completing the basic routine, if time allows, I also engage in the following activities:

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🧘‍♀️ Meditation: Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to practice it as much as I would like recently, but meditation is ideal at the start of the morning. I perform 3-5 minutes of meditation right after waking up to calm my mind and prepare for the day.
⚽️ Exercise: Especially recommended for those who do desk work. After waking up, I might go for a walk, do some light stretches, or practice gentle yoga to wake up my body and boost energy levels. For those who commute or go to school, using walking time effectively can be very beneficial.

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I hope it serves as a useful reference for you. Thank you for reading, have a great day!

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