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Happy New Year


Happy new year everyone! I hope you guys doing well.

As this is the first post of the year of 2024, I will share a brief reflection on the previous year and goals for the upcoming year with you :)

Reflecting on 2023

Around spring of 2023, I decided to make it a weekly commitment to contribute articles on topics related to tech, life hacks, and personal growth to, for my own development. Fortunately, I have enjoyed this writing journey a lot! From late March when I started writing until the end of the year, I have successfully maintained the routine without missing a single post. I express my gratitude to those who have read my articles and provided reactions.

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Goals for the New Year

Reviewing the number of articles from the past year, I wrote approximately 34 articles. Starting with this current article, my goal for this year is to write at least one article per week, aiming for a total of 48 articles or even more throughout the year.

It's a challenging number, especially considering I am currently a student in the job-hunting phase, making time management difficult. However, I will do my best to achieve this goal.

Recognizing that I'm still new to blogging, I understand there's room for improvement in my content. I admit my writing might have seemed a bit amateurish in the past. However, my goal is to create articles that are helpful to everyone and to make them even more engaging and interesting for readers. I'm working towards enhancing the quality of my writing.

The topics of my articles will continue to focus on programming, lifehacks, and similar subjects. However, depending on my mood and ideas at the time, I might also venture into different topics.

Personally, I prefer shorter articles over longer ones. Therefore, it is likely that the articles I write this year will be around 3 minutes in length. I hope that you will like them.

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Thank you in advance for your support this year! Happy coding!

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