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Coding partner

Just wondering if anyone have a same thought as me, or looking for same thing in other words. Coding partner || plural(partner) who with it would be more exciting && more engaging to learn code. Do code reviews, implement best practices, try to write as clean code as possible, try to implement intermediate and up level designs and so on. I guess it's really common among developers/programmers to be socially distinct, this is not exclusion to me unfortunately. My background: Started my self-taught coding journey couple of years ago, my personality did not let me to sleep at night if I didn't understood the concept clearly this led to wide and more than inch deep knowledge which I would love to apply in conditions such as coding with colleague. Why up to this point I haven't found someone? Simply because non of the people who are surrounding me are interested in such a things.

Things I had the most interest in ( ordered for convenience ):

Javascript, Typescript ( just started ), NodeJS, Java, React, React-Native, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, REST API, HTTP, WebSockets, Docker, Unix, OS, Networking.

At least to hear that I'm not alone in this world would be nice.

Best wishes

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