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Why Ruby app deploy is getting progressively slower

I have a big and stable Rails application which has been running in production for 5 years. Each time I deploy the code using Capistrano and I've noticed that deploying time is getting slower. It takes 5 minutes longer than we are used to. Looking through the logs, I've noticed that the task bundle exec rake db:migrate takes 5 minutes. It was unusual!

I've done some manipulations with a deploy script. I noticed that due to the creation of new release, the first run bundle exec <COMMAND> is terribly slow. I was shocked. I had idea that there is something with code initializing or with caching.

I use Bootsnap for each my Rails application and I've noticed one thing:

Note also that Bootsnap will never clean up its own cache: this is left up to you. 
Depending on your deployment strategy, you may need to periodically purge tmp/cache/bootsnap*. 
If you notice deploys getting progressively slower, this is almost certainly the cause.
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Yes, it was the answer! After some years of using Bootsnap on the server it has written caches for 180 Mbs. I have deleted all cache files using rm tmp/cache/bootsnap* and It helps me. Be aware, if you are using Bootsnap and your application is getting slower on the boost, maybe there is a problem with a large amount of cache.

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