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Discussion on: Grid vs. Flexbox

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Carl-Erik Kopseng

Hi, Nada. Thanks for your mature reply. I know it is a bit off-putting to have "grammar nazis" poke at your work, but I just wanted to disclose that I was acting under a misunderstanding of the professionality of I was under the impression that was a curated site that invited people to write content. I was unaware that it was actually open to all to post whatever they wanted. Had I been aware of this earlier, I would not have the presumably harsh tone I might have come across as. It was more directed at than yourself, as I thought they had an editorial process of some kind. Now that I know you were "a happy amateur" testing the waters, I am sorry for coming across as a bit abrasive. I know it is scary to post something in the techosphere. Good luck with your next endavours!

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NadaYousry Author

There is no problem Carl,
Thanks for being understanding 😊

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