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Krzysztof Kopieczek
Krzysztof Kopieczek

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Force English on all Microsoft sites (Azure, Learn)

Microsoft has a great documentation pages, but I'm willing to read them in English, not in my web browser's language. Additionally, very often the first couple of results in Google are linked to articles in my native language. Unfortunately, the quality of automatic translations from English is not always accurate.

I'm tired of constantly switching articles to English, or scrolling on Google results to find proper links (even if I enter English search phrases).

As always, there is an easy solution to this - Redirector is a Chrome Extension which automatically redirects URLs to user-defined rules.

The rule for all Microsoft pages is:

  • Example URL:
  • Include pattern: https://**
  • Redirect to: https://$$2
  • Pattern type: Wildcard
  • Example result:

Please note, that in the pattern field, the * character replaces all the phrases that need to be changed, and in Redirect to those phrases are put into correct place.

  • $1 for the subdomain:,, etc
  • $2 for the rest of the URL

That's all. Plenty of redundant clicks a day saved.

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