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RoadMap to learn MERN Stack for Beginners

koolkishan profile image Kishan Sheth ・2 min read

MERN Stack consists of four technologies.

M - MongoDB
E - Express
R - React
N - Node

All these technologies are built on JavaScript. To learn JavaScript these are the best resources.

Jonas schmedtmann Udemy Course

After you have learnt JS then proceed to learn Node.js

Node.js is a backend language used for highly scalable applications. Many companies have shifted to Node.js for the scalability and performance provided by Node.js

After learning Node, you should learn Express. Express is a framework built on Node.js. It is very lightweight and easy to learn. Simplifies development with Node.js.

After Learning Express the next step is to learn MongoDB and Mongoose. MongoDB is a NOSQL database and Mongoose is a library that can be used with MongoDB.

You can learn Node, Express and MongoDB from these Udemy courses. They are the best till date.

1) Jonas Schmedtmann Udemy Course

2) Mosh Hamedani Udemy Course

So, after learning Node, Express and MongoDB you’re already a Backend Developer. All that's left is to learn is the Front End.

Now you should proceed to learn React. React is a frontend library that is developed and maintained by Facebook. It is super lightweight and is very powerful in performance for any web app. To learn React there are many resources available for free on the web. Also, after learning React you should learn Redux. Redux is state management tool used with React Apps. My personal favourite resources for learning React and Redux are the following.

CodeVolution YouTube Playlist

Official React Docs

Stephen Grider Udemy Course

Learnt All of these technlogies ? Done. You're A MERN Stack Developer.

Next Step :- Develop some projects to showcase in you portfolio.

Give a like to the post if this helps you out. Also comment down the resources from which you have learned MERN Stack to help others out.

The author of the article is the founder of startup Shashaan Web Solutions. Do check it out.

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shaijut profile image
Shaiju T • Edited

I think we can learn all these for FREE instead of udemy.

lifenavigator profile image

It depends on the individual I guess. I personally paid for courses because it fit with my learning methods, and there was support available on the content creator's discord. It's also nicer that downloaded materials and exercised are given.

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Yes I agree structured approach is required even for FREE course or youtube videos.

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Yes its true you can learn many of these for free. However in my experience many Udemy courses have a premium quality to them. And those teachers are exclusively on that platform they don't create courses elsewhere.

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T • Edited

πŸ˜„, Udemy is good i agree, I was just sharing that we can still learn all this for free. I always prefer text based tutorials over video, Because if you are doing hands on along the course you should be wasting time going back and forth the course in the video. Just watching the video course wont help, you have to build something. So below can help:

  1. Get started with any technology using free resources
  2. Build some projects
  3. Go to advance level and to get premium tips , get famous udemy course and watch
  4. Build some more projects with premium tips
miguelmoramax profile image

off course, look that

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T • Edited

Super Cool , Thanks for making learning free. :) But there is no English version.

Here is another FREE way to learn Full Stack :

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firatt profile image
β€’ • Edited

at first I also straggled to switch English but there actually is English version at: πŸ‘

koolkishan profile image
Kishan Sheth Author

Yeah. Learning is FREE and many resources are available for FREE, but I've learnt from these resources so I am just referring these resources that these are good resources to learn from.

erescobar profile image

Node.js is not a backend language.

koolkishan profile image
Kishan Sheth Author

Thanks for pointing it out. My bad, Node can be used as backend development environment.

musiliusamad profile image
Musiliu Samad

It's a JavaScript runtime environment...

michaelgrigoryan25 profile image
Michael Grigoryan

MongoDB is not written in Node.js

metruzanca profile image
Samuele Zanca

No need to pay for udemy courses. YouTube has plenty of great content creators with free courses.

democera profile image

Great πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

koolkishan profile image
thisurathenuka profile image
Thisura Thenuka

Codevolution by far has the clearest explainations ❀

koolkishan profile image
Kishan Sheth Author

That's why it has been included in the list :-)