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bun.js - Faster alternative for yarn

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tldr; bun is faster than yarn (Personally...) and it helps reduce loads of time by installing faster. I am still trying to do gitlab ci install now

I have been working on evolutions. From nodejs, v8 engine to yarn, pnpm and new kid in town "bun.js"

bun proves to steal the limelight and not just any limelight. When developers hate yarn everytime for slow installation,(again in ci personally..) bun does it in ease.

Time taken for yarn install: 1 minute and 39 seconds
Time taken for bun install : 5 seconds

To counter argue, yarn v3 is improving the experience and what about pnpm. I get it. When you think of installing once and using it as runtime, test runner, bundler and total toolkit, well, I got convinced.

Onwards and upwards raising with bun :) Delicacy delivered

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