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A Peek into Github’s Learning Lab

The team at Github recently pushed out an interactive guide to help developers master the art of using Git and getting more familiar to working around Github. Their goal is to help new developers retain more information and ramp up quickly as they begin their software journeys”.

The broad difference between the platform and every other tutorial or webcast that explores “Git and Github” is that it allows for User interaction ; where a bot walks you through series of fun practical labs giving feedback along the way all without having to leave the platform

Here’s How It Works:

The following are treated as separate courses in the Lab:

  1. Introduction to GitHub : Here an introduction to the most common, collaborative workflow for developers around the globe is done.
  2. Communicating using Markdown : Users get to learn how to write documentations on GitHub and beyond with Markdown’s simple syntax.
  3. GitHub Pages : Users are taught on how to host a website or blog directly from your GitHub repository.
  4. Moving your project to GitHub : Get tips for migrating your code and contributors to GitHub.
  5. Managing merge conflicts : Users get to learn why merge conflicts happen and how to fix them.

Sneak peek! Gif credit: Github Learning Lab

Getting Started:

If you are totally new to Github, or looking to improve on your skills, this is a good shot, visit the learning lab here

  • Upon start, a few account authorization steps are taken by the user to give Github learning lab install access to all of your repositories in your personal account (i.e automatically create a repository when starting a new course). You can choose to authorize access to all repositories, or grant it access to a single repository.
  • When a new course is selected, permission is also requested from the user to install Github learning lab on the repository automatically created while registering for the course.The repository created is where you get to work with Learning Lab in issues and pull requests.
  • Upon installation on selected repository, an automatic mail subscription is done hence commencing the series of tasks accompanied with the course.

Excited to try out Github Learning Lab or tried it out already? Let me know your thoughts on it!

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