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Creating HttpCookie Class in C#

Here, I want to Initialize Cookie in my Login Page. Firstly, what's a Cookie? This is a piece of information that's stored on the client's machine especially user preference information like Username, Password etc.

Now, Once logged in, I want the system to pull the user's records/information and store in the cookies. You can also set the number of times for your cookies login to be active, that's storing it and holding it for a particular duration. This here, makes it persistent or non-persistent.

Since, I want to initialize it on when "Logged-In", meaning I want Login records such as Username and Password etc.("UserInfo"). So, my block of code should be inside the Login Button click btnLogin_Click of my Login Page. So, I started off by creating the Cookie with the below block of code: E.g;

HttpCookie cookie = new HttpCookie("UserInfo");
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Then I Check if the cookie exists in the current request by reading the Cookie Info and displaying it and also printing the properties of each cookie object with the below code;

 if (cookie != null)
 //This here, prints the properties of each cookie object
 cookie.Values.Add("Username", cookie.StaffUsername);
 cookie.Values.Add("StaffNumber", cookie.StaffNumber);
 cookie.Values.Add("StaffName", (cookie.FirstName + " " + 
 cookie.Values.Add("Address", cookie.Address);
 cookie.Values.Add("StaffID", Convert.ToString(cookie.StaffID));

 // This here, Sets the value of cookie to current date time.
 cookie.Value = DateTime.Now.ToString();

 //This here, Sets expiry to cookie object -clears within an Hour.
 cookie.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddHours(1);

//This sets the HttpContext object for the current HTTP request.
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This is how I Initialized My cookie in my Login Page, I'll be writing more on Cookies as much as I'll be getting to use it.😊

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