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Prosper Opara
Prosper Opara

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World Wide Web

I’m opara prosper, and i have been building stuffs for the web for some time now…

What i really love about the web is its ACCESSIBILITY and UNIVERSALITY. The web is for all people’s of the world. The web knows no bounds, doesn't restrict anyone from getting information they desire and It really help’s in promoting my personal mantra “Human knowledge is for everyone”. It is not limited by OS, hardware type or any of the accessibility issues other platforms face. Once you have a web browser you can visit the web and access life changing information's. The mare fact of building something that the world can see is really intriguing, I guess that’s why it’s rightly called the world wide web(WWW)

Knowing that the web is accessible to all people, I look forward to improving my skill of building web applications with great user experience so that people can also enjoy their visit to the web. I’m particularly interested in building Interactive web applications, because it accounts a great deal for good user experience on the web.

Moving forward, I’d love to write more and also speak more about:

  • Web technologies
  • Web accessibility
  • User experience focused more around building interactive web applications.

I’d need to go back to work now to be able to achieve this :)

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Tiamiyu Sikiru Abidemi

Interesting read 😀...

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Prosper Opara

Thanks alot