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Discussion on: Junior Developer Check List

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Prosper Opara

Wow! 😂

I guess a lot about being a junior developer is tied to the trait of BEING HUMBLE (especially since transitioning is dependent on how well Juniors act upon feedback. No one will want to give feedback to a proud folk)

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Gareth Brown

I'd attribute this to the Dunning-Kruger effect (A term I've very recently learnt about).

a condition in which people without competence are extremely confident

Senior devs should not instantly disregard junior devs input as they often are very keen to follow best practices and have great knowledge about up and coming technology. But like Jason suggested there can also be a lot of unfounded ego, or at least a lack of understanding of the bigger picture.

I'd agree with Prosper in the being "humble" is the most important trait for junior and also senior devs. There always someone else, regardless of experience, who knows way more than you about something!

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

I agree.

Also, for a split second, I thought "Dunning-Kruger" was also the name of the company in The Office (it's actually Dunder Mifflin). 😂