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Do You Need a Remote Team?

Saheed Oladosu
Spent 10 years developing the skills to increase velocity, reliability, and quality for Panets with a high focus on security. Deep experience with Azure, AWS, Docker and Kubernetes.
Originally published at Medium ・2 min read

Why Choose Remote Work for Your Organization. In 10 years' time, as technology moves forward even further, people are going to look back and wonder why offices ever existed. But leaving the romance of things aside, let's look at the fact.

In December 2019, Global Data Consult carried out a survey that shows that 90% of workers would like flexible work options, and two-thirds of Americans would even choose less pay for more flexibility. And things don't stop here.

Among the reasons why employees embrace remote work are;
• Not commuting their life away,
• Escaping the gruesome 9 to 5 where you're always stuck in traffic or in line somewhere,
• Less gas money,
• Escaping the monopoly of city life where if you want a high-paying position that requires high skill, you automatically need to live in a big city,
• Increased productivity, and
• More family time.
And all these, at no cost for business productivity and results.
As an employer, you have so many benefits on the side of things as well.

For starters,
• No cost with an office space, which in many cases is somewhat around 30% of the amount you pay for salaries.
• You're no longer limited to local talent.
• You can hire the best people you can afford in the world, and
• You can add to your job all the benefits the employees get that we listed above.

So if you look at the financial aspect alone, you will save a minimum of 30% in expenses... and your employees will also save. Because they could move to a smaller, more scenic town where the rent is significantly lower... and they no longer waste their time in traffic. It's an all-around winner. So you might be wondering why doesn't everyone that can, already do remote work? And the main problem is because of widespread misconceptions and excuses managers make.

Checkout my next blog, on some of the misconceptions and excuses to going remote.

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