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Marcelo Haruo Kochiyama
Marcelo Haruo Kochiyama

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Kitty + Neovim: Aesthetic Dev Setup

Hello fellow dev!

It has been a little more than one year since I came from VSCode to Neovim. And I have no regrets. My arms pain disappeared, and my productivity got a big boost after learning and get used to vim motions.

I love tweaking my setup, testing new themes, and using different window managers (currently using yabai). I used to work with windows, linux and now I'm on MacOS. And here is a quick overview, of what is my current daily driver setup.


Kitty is the perfect terminal for me, it is fast, lightweight, cross platform, highly customizable, has tabs and split pane support and even plugins.

The theme I'm using is Rose Pine. I loved this theme at first sight. And sometimes I switch back to the fantastic Catppuccin.

Terminal Screenshot

The best part for me is having every control at the keyboard, from changing tabs to creating and resizing windows, everything has a keyboard shortcut.

By the way, I'm using the Oh My Zsh and Starship to customize my prompt with autosuggestions, syntax highlighting and the custom prompt style.

Soon I'll be posting a detailed tutorial on how to setup the terminal exactly like mine.


I started my journey testing out existent configs, but ended up creating my own from scratch. I like to have full control over the look and behavior of my setup.


In this screenshot you can see the start page (alpha) with a custom Ascii art of my agency name, and partial surname.

My Experience

I use this setup on my daily work, and it doesn't let me down. I have every tool I need, with custom keybindings that make my workflow slide, not being blocked by switching from mouse to keyboard infinite times a day, and having to search UI elements to click.

The setup is fully on terminal, so no high RAM or CPU consumption, almost everything runs instantly, even when fuzzy searching a medium size repo with hundreds of files.

By the word of my work colleagues and friends, I'm pretty fast working. I can find things and navigate through code fast and don't spend effort on it.

Having a complete git client at a command reach is incredibly convenient. With a blink of an eye, I stag and commit changes. Pull and push changes. Change branches and even create new branches. The best part is the easy way of cherry picking each line I want to include on my commits.


Complete plugin list:

LSPs, Completion, Syntax Highlighting, and formatting. All of the following plugins work together to give the experience you got on vscode with suggestions and formatting. It was a little bit tricky to setup but now that everything works, it is a great experience.


Well, that was a superficial overview of my setup, if you would like to see specific tutorials or informations about the setup, even a neovim 101 tutorial, let me know in the comments and follow me for more!

Comment down below a little bit about your setup! Share screenshots. Let's make this article a place to inspire other people to try new tools and be enthusiasts! πŸ’»πŸ‘‹πŸ» See ya...

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I sure love vim! This blog was made for me!

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Marcelo Haruo Kochiyama

Pretty nice! For how long you already use vim?

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Ezpie • Edited

Funny thing, I used to use vs code since the beginning, but recently, at the beginning of the year I started using Vim, and I found it blazingly fast than vs code. So yes it's only been 3 full monthsπŸ‘. And yes I sure love rose-pine theme.

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Ben Sinclair

Your 'wakatime' link is wrong, it's a copy-paste of the previous 'treesitter' URL.

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Marcelo Haruo Kochiyama

Thank you! I'll fix it!