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Open Source Tailwind UI Alternative

knyttneve profile image Mert Cukuren twitter logo github logo ・1 min read  

Hello everyone!

I've created 60+ ready-to-use UI blocks (tailblocks) with Tailwind CSS and I want to share with you. These blocks are fully responsive, included dark mode and color options. All you have to do is select the blocks that will suit your project.

⟶ Project Link


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Quite awesome, but the project page doesn't look responsive. Please check.


Awesome ✌️ Curious to know how did you create mockup images in left menu bar? They look so good.


Individual SVG previews, that's dedication. 👏


Thank you! I was created the icons one by one on Figma. You can reach them from the following link :)


Thank you :) I appreciate your hard work 👏


Awesome work. For me as ux stupid lefthanded developer it is a very usefull toolset 👍


Looks like you've put a lot of work into this, Mert! 👏 What's your roadmap for this toolkit?


Thank you for your interest. I don't have a roadmap about this yet. I'm trying to fix the bugs I have seen for now.


This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing 🎉


Nice but TailwindUI has both marketing and application components but Tailblocks seems to have only marketing. Echo the request for roadmap.


Do you plan to call for collaborators on this project? I'd love to turn designs into components.


Very nice. If possible plz add some hover animation and also navbar with working sidebar/hamburger menu. Still its a very good work


Hello again, thank you for your interest. I've updated the app to be mobile-friendly. 👍


Nice, if you could just make it more interactive like open and close modals and things like that, good luck !

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