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Discussion on: What Can You Learn from Getting Certified in Accessibility? - the CPACC Edition

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Many congratulations on your your certification, I've just started down the path of CPACC and WAS.

I've completed the Deque CPACC course and just started the WAS and I will be taking the exams for both later this year.

The breadth of CPACC is huge (and I assume WAS is the same), what hints and tips do you have for learning such a large body of knowledge?

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Eevis (she/her) Author

Thank you!

I would say the best thing for me was taking my time. With CPACC, I studied pretty intensively because I had the opportunity to do it on work time, but with WAS I went trough the material in six months or so.

Also, for me writing about the topics I was studying was helping; it helped to clarify some things, and especially when writing blog posts about the themes I was studying, I needed to really understand what I was writing about. So maybe I would say, that if you have anyone who would listen (or read), teach them about the topics you're learning :) And if not, writing (or documenting in any other way which suits you best) for yourself is also a good option.