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Discussion on: MongoDB Atlas Hackathon Help Thread

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Kacha • Edited on

Hi @thepracticaldev , I'd love some help from the MongoDB team or anyone who has come across this. I have a realm app with email/password authentication enabled and I have a react native app that does sign up and sign in.
When using the sign in method from the realm library:

const creds = Realm.Credentials.emailPassword(email, password);
const user = await;
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when I console log the user I get an empty object { } but when I call I get the id of the user object. I'm not entirely sure what I have done wrong but I think this is causing further errors because I am getting an error when I try to open a realm connection with this user.
Any help would be great.

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Joel Lord


For more technical questions, you might want to try to search or post on our community forums (, you will normally get a quicker answer there. As for your question, you could try creating an object that contains your application, and then use the methods for this application. Right now, I’m not sure if your is an initialized property. You could try this out:

const app = new Realm.App({ id: "<APP_ID>" });
const credentials = Realm.Credentials.emailPassword(email, password);
const user = await app.login(credentials);
const userProfile = app.currentUser;
const userId =;
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I hope this helps!