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Week 6!

Week 6 was just a normal internship. I did my daily task, as well as the specific task that I need to do every Monday. I also did the new task that was just taught to me by my trainer but it was an easy one since I only have to check the website and see if there are shipment IDs that needs to be processed. We also only need to attend three days for this week since Tuesday and Wednesday was a holiday, so we get to relax and enjoy our rest day for this week. After we got back, I did the same task which was my daily task and another specific task that I need to do every Friday. On Friday, my trainer told me that for my next task that I need to learn, I will be taught by their Vietnamese employee. I was a bit nervous since of course I will need to speak in English and we might not understand each other, but everything went smoothly even if sir he kind of had a hard time explaining things to me. Thankfully I was able to record our discussion so I was able to review it and took down notes on how to process the task.

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