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I'm learning to Ruby, I need your input.

kmf profile image Karl Fischer ・1 min read

I have this weird attraction to Ruby, I feel it understands me and I feel that I understand it. I feel we have a weird connection.
I have no official programming background, I work mostly in operations and do automation with Chef.

I'm starting out with Ruby, what tips can you give me ...

  • books to read
  • posts to read
  • twitter accounts to follow
  • accounts to follow
  • videos to watch
  • twitch streams to follow
  • things to remember
  • quotes to remember
  • tools that you use
  • things that you've learnt
  • what do I need to have in place so that I can form good habits?

in summary I need your input to become a better ruby dev

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The Well-Grounded Rubyist

The third edition came out recently and it's been the best written book on learning Ruby that I've read. It's a bit beyond beginner-stage learning, but if you have some programming under your belt you might light the thorough approach. (The first chapter has you digging into the ruby core to learn the standard library.)

It's very well-written and I think it's the best way to learn.

Good luck!

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Always remember that (almost) everything is an object.

Learning the actual syntax has helped me understand the magic that goes on under the hood of Ruby and Rails.
And by syntax I mean what the compiler actually sees.

For example:
myarray[key] = value
Is actually
myarray.[]=(key, value)

Knowing how the functions and objects work can help you write better code and debug faster.

Good luck!

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I am in a similar situation as you. I do a lot of server deployment automation and have to start switching BASH, Power Shell, & JavaScript scripts to Ruby/Chef.

I started with I have also purchased 'Learn to Code with Ruby' & 'Comprehensive Ruby Programming' from Packt Publishing. They tend to have a lot of sales, so just wait for the items to go on sale to save a few bucks.

I use Atom as my primary editor. For some reason Solargraph works better with Atom than VSCode. If you are using Solargraph with Atom, make sure you read the documentation for VSCode. There are a few gems listed in the VSCode docs (but not in the Atom docs) that make it work much better.

Also check out & for online practice.

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Karl Fischer Author

Thanks for this :)

I've also been hearing a great deal about

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Joe Cannatti

I would recommend that you start with one of the other books mentioned. But as your SECOND ruby book, Metaprogramming Ruby is extremely good.

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