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Discussion on: As a Team, How Do You Share Your Knowledge?

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Kmaschta Author

How do you organize all the content in that wiki?
Per project, per tech, per category?

Also, I'm not sure we can add multiple tags on wiki pages. And what about the search features?

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Nayden Gochev

Organization of content usually for us is like this

  • General
  • paid leave
  • home office
  • etc
  • Technical Documentation
  • Java code formatting
  • Junior developer reading list
  • Principles
  • Patterns you have to be familiar with
  • etc
  • Project Documentation
  • Project 1
  • Project 2
  • Project X

We do not use tags, because I find tags harder to use. In many cases the search is perfect, however if not since I do have the WIKI itself on my local file system (e.g. when using gitlab wiki (in my current company) I can also do a "find ." :) I find it even faster then a web interface but I am a bit console guy.