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Advent Of Code 2020

CBC | certified bug creator
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A couple of days ago the Advent of Code website switched from the 2019 edition to the 2020 edition. Finally 🎉

What is Advent of Code?

Every day from December 1st to December 25th a new coding challenge is released. Solve it ASAP to help the Elves save Christmas. Here is the challenge from 1st December 2019 to give you a better idea about the challenges. Usually they get more difficult with each day. What I like about AoC is that the challenges only rarely rely on math IMHO. Instead you are required to demonstrate an open mindset, debugging skills, some logic and a lot of googling to solve the problem.

Why should I join?

Advent of code is a great way to challenge your collogues and improve your coding skills.

What programming language should I use?

That's completely up to you. I personally use C#. Here is my GitHub repo of last years event:

GitHub logo klyse / AdventOfCode2019

Repository for advent of code

Advent Of Code 2019

This is my repository containing the alogithms for AoC 2019.

I use unit tests to debug the solution. I was able to obtain a total of 30 stars :)


Klyse: @Klyse

Do I need to solve each days challenge?

Nope you don't. You solve as many challenges as you can / want. Be warned, some of them are really difficult! Don't give up if you find no solution for one day, the next day might be completely different and more accessible for you.

Private Leaderboard

Don't forget to create your private leaderboard. This way you can challenge your friends and compare the coding results.

There is only one last thing to say:
Code humans, Code!


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Thanks for pointing out this website. I will join this year 👍

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