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Pet Project Done - Kindle Clipping Converter

After 10 years of using a Kindle Reader and not knowing what to do with several bookmarks, notes and highlights, I decided to make a my own Kindle Clipping Converter.

This idea had many versions.

At first, I wanted to fill a database. But it was a bit discouraging. I would have to pay for the database hosting, and so on. I prefer to spend less money than I need ;-)

Then I wanted to convert it into into a JSON file for some sort of Kindle Management App I’ll build some day. But I realised I was keeping some notes somewhere, not in one place.

But then I started using Obsidian, which led me to the current iteration of the idea - creating one markdown file per highlight. Well, basically, because it has a somewhat primitive way of merging highlights with corresponding notes.

It was also my first project which I tried to do in a functional programming approach.

It’s also my first pet project listed on my roadmap which is actually done. I might return to it, to make it more usable. But it definitely is more functional!

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