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Eager Force - Kells is finally learning ReactJS

kkroeger93 profile image Kevin-Kelly Kröger ・2 min read

have you ever been in the Situation where (you) and your friends talked about something and you didn't know anything what they was talking about?
Well I thought so. Me too 😅

But what did my friends talk about?

It's that little big thing where everyone's arguing about whether it's a framework or a library. 🤓 So, now you know what they're talked about, right ? Oh Come on, it can't be that hard... 🤪

Well, I'll tell you.

They was talking about ReactJS, the Framework Oops, an error occurred! of course I meant the library, that was introduced by Facebook in 2013.

Now it's 2020 and I finally decided to get onto that train and learn ReactJS. But I want to get the most out of it and because I'm a Visual learner, I love video tutorials. The thing about them is, during watching you're mostly not get in touch in coding yourself. Then I found this platform called "Scrimba", where you can watch a video and also code inside the video sequences yourself. 🤯

Because I wanted also to try myself in writing blog posts, I decided to combine those two things and start the journey of learning ReactJS with a blog series. In this series I like to recap every episode that I watched dedicated with a blog episode, where I try to explain what happened and what I learned out of it.

I would love to get your thoughts and feedback along this learning journey. Its exited and and together we would definitely have more fun and also learn from each other.

I'm gonna post 2 episodes every week. Because there are some short explanation videos, I will merge certain video episodes together inside one blog post episode. You can see which episode/s will be covered in the next post by looking into the attached scheduler. If you like to ride along, just enroll on Scrimba and take this free ReactJS course so we can share our feedback on every lessons-episode.

If this Series gets enough attention we could also implement a Open Source GitHub Repository where we can help each other even more.

If you have any ideas or suggestion to make this journey even better, let everyone know about it.

Happy Coding 💻🖱



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