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Azure DevOps pipelines shallow fetch =1 is now default

Pipeline doesn’t work? The old one, exactly the same, is working?
You came to the right place :)

UPDATE 2023.01.27: You may also set fetchDepth: 0 in your checkout step.

The team responsible for the documentation has been very fast, and they updated steps.checkout definition and Build Azure Repos Git or TFS Git repositories within two days from reporting this issue. If you come across any documentation articles that need this info, try reporting it =)

This may come as a surprise, and I imagine it will "break" many newly created pipelines.
All of a sudden things that used to work, won't.

Newly created Azure DevOps pipelines have shallow fetch enabled by default, and the depth is set to 1.

Image description

It's not documented, not even in what's new (although I asked for it to be mentioned so maybe by the time you are reading this, it's there).

You have two options now, if you want to change it.
Either fetchDepth in checkout step, or disable shallow fetch on the pipeline level.

Disable shallow fetch

  1. Navigate to your pipeline and click Edit Image description
  2. Click the ... button and choose Triggers Image description
  3. Switch to YAML tab and click on Get sources Image description
  4. Here it is, at the very bottom Image description

Top comments (5)

beatsunionsadra profile image
Sadra Abedinzadeh

Been dealing with this for a few days, and getting frustrated.
Thanks for the solution :)

grigoriy0 profile image
Grigory Konoplich • Edited

If pipeline is writen in YAML, also you can use this:

  - checkout: self
    fetchDepth: 2
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just note here for people, who encounter with problems for searching documentation

kkazala profile image
Kinga • Edited

Or fetchDepth: 0 not to limit depth at all, as suggested at the very top =)

hoangminh profile image
Hoang Minh

I am unable to make changes and save even though I'm a project admin and the pipeline creator....not sure why happens

kkazala profile image

Interesting... I just checked checked my existing pipeline, and created two new (Azure Repos Git and GitHub) and I was able to disable shallow fetch entirely. Saved successfully.
Dunno 🤷‍♀️