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Discussion on: Supabase: seven months of building.

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We're setting up benchmarks now

read and write operations compared to firebase
Since it's just Postgres, it will be a lot faster

Cost can sometimes be huge depending on how you pull content. How does supabase compare? Is there any documentation around this?
At the moment we are free to use because we're in Alpha. We will likely be cheaper than Firebase at scale. They of course have a very generous free tier. We will have a free tier too, but we are still working out the details.

Is there a way to subscribe to a results of a query
No, unfortunately not (at least not yet). Something we're working on :)

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Saumil Shah

Ah ok. Very helpful. Thanks so much Copple!
That very last point is HUGE for our use case. That's in fact why we're using firebase. I'll be keeping an eye on Supabase until that feature is available. :)