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can you "AppendChild" same element multiple times in js ? Probably not

in this case :

var d1 = document.createElement('div');
var d2 = document.createElement('div');
var p = document.createElement('p');

d1.appendChild(p); // d1 has p now
d2.appendChild(p); // d2 has p now
// but where is p in d1 ?
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we cannot append "p" multiple times because in the DOM, being a tree of nodes, one node can have only one parent, it cannot have multiple parents.

But solution !

We can use cloneNode() , but I use another way
I want to use a function
like this :

//main function
function appendChildMultiple(parent) {
  //check function argument is an element
  if (parent.nodeType !== undefined) {
    const pTag = document.createElement("p");
    pTag.innerText = "This is the appended element";
    //finally append child to parent
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and use it :

const d1 = document.createElement("div");
const d2 = document.createElement("div");
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an example on Codepen :

Do you think this method has good performance? Leave a comment below :)

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fridaycandour_46 profile image

I solve this problem by getting the raw html and insert into Dom (leaving the Dom to accept as a brand new one even if their multiple of it).

This leaves the browser

  • create a div

  • append the element(s) to the div

  • now get it's inner html, that's what you can use multiple times

  • you can insert it as multiple times as you want as a form of reusable item and you can change it's data easily during the process.

Probably not a good practice but it's easier to handle a multiple number of html all together like a reusable item.